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December 20, 2018

What foreign city is visited most often by Americans?

What caused 20 million deaths in1918?

Which resin used in varnish is a secretion of lac insects?


December 13, 2018

American fast food restaurant chain Krystal was founded in what city, where it was headquartered until 2013 when its headquarters moved to Atlanta, Georgia?

White Castle, a fast food chain similar to Krystal, was founded in Wichita, Kansas,

Which Disney princess is the only one to have a child?

Which two South American countries belong to OOEC, the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries?


November 29, 2018

In H.G. Wells’ novel "War of the Worlds", where did the spaceships land?

In the 1898 novel, the spaceships landed in Surrey, South East England. Orson Welles’ 1938 radio adaptation had the spaceships landing in Grover’s Mill, New Jersey. When WKBW in Buffalo aired a modernized version in 1968, the action occurred in nearby Grand Island, New York.

In 1938, how many television stations were there in the CBS network?

The original Carter Family was the first group to be admitted to which institution?


November 22, 2018

An early adopter of text messaging, what country earned the moniker “text capital of the world” from the mid-‘90s to the early 2000s?

What city gives its name to an omelette and sandwich of eggs, chopped ham and green pepper?

Designed by Heitor da Silva Costa, which of the New 7 Wonders of the World is the only statue?


November 15, 2018

A concrete masonry unit, or CMU, that uses fly ash or bottom ash as aggregate is known in the United States as a:

In Australia, cinder blocks are known as Beeser blocks or Besser bricks because the American-based Besser Company was a major supplier of concrete block-making machinery. Clinker blacks use clinker as aggregate instead of cinders.

Who invented the first commercially successful concrete block-making machine?

Jesse Besser was founder of the Besser Company, a major manufacturer of concrete block-making equipment.

The first house in the United States to be built entirely of cinder blocks was constructed on Staten Island, New York in what year?


October 25, 2018

In what U.S. city do the dead outnumber the living by nearly 1,000 to one?

With most of the land in Colma, California dedicated to cemeteries, ititss population of living, 1,792, is dwarfed by the approximately 1.5 million dead buried there.

What is the only mammal born with horns?

What is the fifth-largest English-speaking country in the world, behind the U.S. , India, Pakistan and the U.K.?

52 million Filipinos speak English.


October 18, 2018

Who was the youngest First Lady of the Philippines?

Victoria Quirino-Gonzalez was 16 years old when her father, then vice-president Elpidio Quirino ,assumed the presidency following the death of Manuel Rojas. Since President Quirino had lost his wife and three of his children during the Battle of Manila in 1945, Vicky served as his First Lady.

Who was the first Filipino to ever appear on television?

Which Filipino president topped the 1939 bar exams despite being in jail for 27 days?


October 4, 2018

What is the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall and in what what country is it located?

Which Spanish island is known as the “Island of Eternal Spring”?

What is the white part of an egg called?


September 27, 2018

What is the official currency of Ecuador?

Which 1980s television hit was renamed El Coche Fantastico for its Spanish viewers?

What two countries, other than the United States, don’t use the metric system?


September 20, 2018

What is the snowiest city in the contiguous United States, receiving an average of 110 inches of snow annually?

Flagstaff ranks fifth with 81.7 inches and Grand Rapids ranks seventh with 65.8 inches.

Foie gras is a French delicacy made from the liver of what animal?

How many teams are in the American National Football League?


August 30, 2018

What was the first all-professional baseball team with salaried players?

Officially opened in 1869, what artificial waterway connects the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea?

The first game of American football between two American colleges was played by what teams?

Rutgers defeated Princeton 6-4 on November 6, 1869.


August 23, 2018

According to Federal Railroad Administration reports, on average a vehicle or person is struck by a train in the U.S. every:

Approximately how many miles of railroad track is there in the U.S.?

What is the maximum speed of Central Japan Railway’s bullet train that runs between Tokyo and Osaka?


August 2, 2018

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey opened his first restaurant in what city?

How many elevators does the Empire State Building have?

The Black Forest is located in which German state?


July 26, 2018

By what name have the “Kennedy-Johnson Papers” been better known?

The aardvark is native to what continent?

Scotto Bear

Which U.S. state has the highest number of colleges and universities?


July 19, 2018

Which of these is an acceptable primary control system for a repeater?

Which of these constitutes ancillary operation?

On which of these frequencies is repeater operation prohibited?


July 12, 2018

Owen, W3NH recently had surgery on both hands. When asked if it was carpal tunnel, he told them it was not but that it was “Viking’s Hand”. What was he telling them?

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Dupuytren's Contracture

Tenochtitlan, founded in 1324, is what modern day city?

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Mexico City

What was the first video game console game that could be saved?

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The Legend of Zelda

Trains traveling to and form Alaska from the lower 48 travel through which Canadian provinces?

Freight headed by train to Alaska travels to Seattle, Washington, where it is loaded onto barges and sailed around Canada before being offloaded in Alaska.


July 5, 2018

Which of these 3D sandbox video games games consists of five game modes: survival, creative, adventure, hardcore and spectator?

Which children’s character was based upon a wooden toy belonging to its creator’s son?

Who was the original voice of fictional cat Garfield?


June 21, 2018

Who was the most photographed woman of the 20th century?

Which American rapper has performed live with the Steve Miller band?

Vanilla Ice has performed “Fly Like an Eagle” live with the Steve Miller Band. He sampled the song in his 1991 single “Rolling in My 5.0”.

What did Owen, W3NH have for lunch today?


June 7, 2018

Which of these is NOT larger than a pool ball but smaller than a baseball?

The diameter of a pool ball is from 2 1/4 to 2.375 in.; a baseball is from 2 7/8 to three in. With a diameter of 2 1/4 in., a racquetball is either the same size as or smaller than a pool ball. The diameter of a tennis ball is from 2.575 to 2.7 in., and a cricket ball is from 2.8 to 2.86 in. in diameter.

Which park is the most filmed location in the world?

The profile of George Washington appears on what United States military decoration?


May 31, 2018

Velda Sterling was the secretary of which fictional detective?

Which former University of Alabama president left the University to become US Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare?

F. David Matthews succeeded Frank Rose as the University’s President in 1969; at age 33, Matthews was the youngest to hold the office. He was appointed Secretary of the now defunct US Department of Health, Education and Welfare in 1975 and served in that position until 1977. He returned to UA as President in 1977 and severed through 1980. Patricia Roberts Harris became Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare in 1979 and then became the first Secretary of Health and Human Services, the Department that replace it.

How many middle eastern countries’ names end in the suffix “-stan”?

Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. The suffix is derived from the Persian word meaning “land”.