UARC Thursday Night Net

The University [of Alabama] Amateur Radio Club Thursday Night Net was created in February 2015 as a means of familiarizing the club’s newest licensees and members with amateur radio net participation and amateur operation in general. Since then, the net has grown to include four RF nodes that regularly air the net; an IRLP reflector allowing the connection of any other IRLP nodes to the net; EchoLink, allowing EchoLink nodes and users of EchoLink PC and mobile device clients; and AllStar for nodes on that network.

The net’s mission has come to include the promotion of friendship between the club, its members and the amateur community at large. This is neither a traffic net nor an emergency training net; it is a casual, directed net of friendship and goodwill. Net participants are given the opportunity to share their comments with the net and we often present trivia questions to encourage their engagement.

For more about UARC, search for W4UAL. Net details and points of access are below. We hope to hear you on the net soon! Comments and suggestions are welcome here.


Each Thursday at 8 p.m. Central time


Tuscaloosa: W4UAL/R 145.210/144.610 MHz, 103.5 Hz PL
Birmingham: W3NH/R 147.075/147.675 MHz, 67.0 Hz PL
Huntsville: W4HSV/R 145.330/144.730 MHz, 100.0 Hz PL
Cullman: N4LX 146.480 MHz simplex, 156.7 Hz PL
Chelsea: KV4S 432.200 MHz simplex, 88.5 Hz PL

IRLP: Reflector 0091
EchoLink: KV4S-R (37209)
AllStar: 523800

If  you have a node that regularly carries the net but is not listed here, please let me know so I can include it here.