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Lorne Greene on Ham Radio

Today I ran across a radio public service announcement from ARRL featuring Canadian actor Lorne Greene. I believe this aircheck is from 1979.

In the PSA, Greene explains that, although we may be experts, we are amateurs because we are unpaid volunteers in public service communications operations. Technological innovation by radio amateurs, nets, and amateur satellites are also mentioned. Greene finally tells interested listeners to write to Newington, Connecticut for more information, though the ARRL is never explicitly mentioned in the spot.

“Airchecks” from WKRP in Cincinnati

When Shout Factory released the complete series of WKRP in Cincinnati several years ago, I was super excited to see so much of my favorite television show for the first time! The complete series had never been released on DVD; what had been released previously had the original music replaced by generic music to save the cost and headaches of licensing the original music. In syndication, as many as several minutes of the show was also cut to make room for more …