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Using IRLP Experimental Reflectors​

IRLP experimental reflectors are single-channel reflectors that operate independently of the IRLP network yet still compatible with IRLP nodes. They may provide cross-linking to other VoIP networks, other special services, or any private or public function implemented by its owner. Their four-digit reflector numbers begin with 0.

Since they are not part of the IRLP network, experimental reflectors are not subject to IRLP guidelines. Unlike conventional nodes and reflectors, connections are not authenticated unless authentication is deployed externally by the owner. Accordingly, experimental reflector connections are disabled by drfault. Node owners may allow connections by adding the following line to the $CUSTOM/environment file:


them running:


as root to reload the IRLP software with the change.

To connect, dial the reflector number as for a conventional reflector. From the command line, connect by running:

experimental_call expNNNN

where NNNN is the reflector number.

Experimental reflectors are private resources and may be closed to general use. The IRLP Experimental Reflector Page lists operational reflectors that are open to the public.